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Below are a few of our publications from the author, William B. Styple. Mr. Styple has collected the hidden treasures of our nation and set them into a reading format that generations to come can visit time and time again. These books are priceless items that everyone, Civil War enthusiast or avid reader, can appreciate. You will find stories of heartbreak, heroism, and gallantry in the books listed below. Follow along on their journey as they tell their story of the time when our nation nearly tore itself apart!

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The Little Bugler
The True Story of a Twelve-Year-Old Boy in the Civil War

This is the true story of twelve-year-old Gustav A. Schurmann, who served as a musician in Company I, 40th New York Infantry, from 1861-1864.

This book vividly depicts all of his remarkable wartime experiences, including his stay at the White House as the boyhood companion of Tad Lincoln.

At the end of Schurmann's distinguished military career at age fifteen, he was a decorated veteran of ten battles—from Bull Run to Gettysburg.

Price: $17.95  Softcover
ISBN: 1-883926-12-2

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Little Bugler

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Writing & Fighting the Confederate War

Eyewitness to War 1861-1865
The Collected Works of Peter Wellington Alexander, Confederate War Correspondent

"We all felt that the decisive hour had arrived. We knew, too, that an empire trembled in the balances, and that the lives, the fortunes and the liberties of ourselves and of generation yet unborn, were the mighty stake for which the bloody handed combatants were playing."
—Alexander at First Manassas, July 21, 1861

"I write at a hospital, in the midst of the wounded and dying. There is a smell of death in the air, and the laboring surgeons are literally covered from head to foot with the blood of the sufferers."
—Alexander at Antietam, September 17, 1862

"The bloodiest and most desperate battle of this bloody and desperate war has just been fought here, on the soil of Pennsylvania."
—Alexander at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863

Price: $27.00 Hardcover
ISBN: 1-883926-15-7

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Peter Wellington Alexander

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Writing and Fighting from the Army of Northern Virginia
A Collection of Confederate Soldier Correspondence

"A man who has never witnessed the carnage of a battlefield, can form no idea of its terror and grandeur; it is too horrid to contemplate, especially when you remember that, amid all this carnage, you were one of the actors."
—A Confederate Soldier at First Manassas, July 21, 1861

"The enemy swarmed around them and the order was given to fall back. Sullenly and disappointed they fought their way, and back down the hill through the same awful fire in which they advanced. Many shouldered their wounded friends and brought them off the field."
—A Confederate Soldier at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863

Price: $27.00  Hardcover
ISBN: 1-883926-20-3

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Writing and Fighting

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Writing & Fighting the Civil War
500 Union Soldier Letters from the Battlefront

"WAR! WAR! WAR!", thundered the April 21, 1861 headline of the New York Sunday Mercury. Eager for first-hand news from the battlefront, the editors asked the departing volunteers to write and "inform us of any events of interest."

This simple request for news generated the largest and most impressively detailed collection of journalistic correspondence ever written during the Civil War. For four long and bloody years, hundreds of soldiers wrote thousands of letters to the Sunday Mercury, creating a unique history of the great American conflict.

Recently discovered by historian William B. Styple, and now published for the first time, these letters are the authentic voices of the Civil War. The heroic Sunday Mercury soldier-correspondents were truly writing and fighting the Civil War.

Price: $27  Hardcover
ISBN: 1-883926-13-0

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Sunday Mercury

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